Frequently Asked Questions

Does Photo GPS Extract require an Internet connection?

Yes, PGE needs an active Internet connection because it accesses Google Maps.

Can I setup a proxy server?

You can't set a proxy server in PGE: the software uses the same proxy settings as your Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Can I use Photo GPS Extract for free?

Photo GPS Extract is freeware and will always remain so. You are allowed to use the program in corporate environments.

How can I add GPS data to my photos?

Adding GPS data is done during a process called 'Geotagging'. I wrote a small article on geotagging with more information.

Why isn't there a Geotagging feature in Photo GPS Extract?

I deliberately decided NOT to build a geotagging feature. The design philosophy of Photo GPS Extract has always been the same: the software does NOT alter your photos in any ways.

Starting from PGE 7 there is an option to write some Exifdata with an external tool called 'ExifTool'. This is a reputed software uses by many people around the world. The external tool is configured in a way that it always creates a backup of your original photo.